MOH 500 – The Move – Part 1

Tomorrow, at 3 pm, if everything goes as planned, we will be a part of the celebration as the first 100 homes are given to families.

Words can’t express the joy and excitement we feel to be a part of this.

Please pray that everything continues to fall in place for this to happen as scheduled.


4 thoughts on “MOH 500 – The Move – Part 1

  1. I will be praying for you guys. Thanx for the hard work and dedication to the Haitian people. I hope to be part of your team someday. It is on my heart and in my prayers to God that he will use me and our family in the future. I am daily seeking the Lord’s will in this situation and networking with people here to help me. Thanx again John, to you and your family for your sacrafices and committment. Dale

  2. I am so thrilled to watch this process and what joy to be there seeing these families get their homes.
    God has me selling my home in Caro and moving to Tyrone Ga. to volunteer at the OMUSA hdqtr year round as I am able to stay well.
    Feel terribly blessed more than a person could deserve.

    Another trip to Haiti is always open with me if
    God so decides.
    So happy for your family.

  3. God has done great things! Your family is blessed to have played such a big part in it. What an adventure you are on. P.S. You have an awesome guide. Love, Kathy

  4. So happy to see all is proceeding as planned. We enjoyed seeing the project when we visited Haiti in May. Amazing work and your love of these people is inspiring. Praying for the future homes and the rest of the project. Carol

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