Our Journey Continues…..

Mary and I are excited about what we believe is the next step for our family in bringing life transformation to the people of Haiti. We have had the amazing privilege to spend the last 3 years serving At Mission of Hope in Haiti. We have seen so many lives changed both physically and spiritually including our own. Truly God is at work in Haiti!!!!

I love Haiti and will spend the rest of my life serving the people of Haiti, however, I can see that the time has come for us to serve in a different way. Believe me, I have wrestled and prayed over our next step for months.

In mid-August my roll and location will change a little. I will still serve at Mission of Hope alongside our fantastic Haitian and US team but from the US. We will be moving back to the US, to the great state of Michigan where the snowflakes live. I will continue to oversee projects in Haiti and travel 2—3 times a month to Haiti. I will help guide and assist our wonderful Haitian construction staff to keep pace with all that God is doing at Mission of Hope. I will also, while in the US, coordinate our shipping and procurement of building products and other resources that are either hard to get in Haiti or too expensive. In addition, I will come along side our development team to help connect what God is miraculously doing in Haiti with churches, individuals and businesses who want to help but are unsure of where or how to best do that. Specifically I will help to connect people with the continuing need for housing in the community of Leveque. There are still close to 200 families that we are committed to move out of blue tents to block homes. I can’t wait to see the last blue tent torn down!!!!

I can’t lie, inside I don’t want to leave Haiti. But hard as it is, I have to follow God’s direction. The more I let this idea settle into my heart and mind the more I see how it will benefit our family, Mission of Hope and ultimately Haiti.

I need to say thanks to all of you who have stood by us both financially and with prayer support. We could not do it without you nor will we be able to continue without you. Like any other US based missionaries we will still need to raise support to continue working in Haiti. The only thing that will change is our housing arrangements and my amount of time spent traveling. My prayer is that you will continue to stand with us in whatever capacity you can so we can all continue to see the nation of Haiti changed for Christ…..Amazing things happen when God’s people work together to see the gospel spread.

Thanks for all the prayers and support as we make plans and work out the details.


4 thoughts on “Our Journey Continues…..

  1. Wow! I am excited to have your family as neighbors again but know it must be hard to make this transition back… I know you all love Haiti and I’m so thrilled that you will continually be helping! You guys will definitely be in my prayers!

  2. We are only at peace when in His will. He directed me to Ga. and now to a home just around the corner from where I volunteer at OMUSA. Never been happier or more content. Always wondered if God would let me serve my last years in Haiti. God bless

  3. When God speaks to your heart and leads you into a new direction, we find ourselves praying, fasting and seeking God to make sure this is what God wants and not us. But when peace comes and your family will taking a step of faith as God leads you, then God will continue to bless. This will open alot of doors which will help Haiti even more and far greater at this time. We are always on a journey with God and as he leads us we begin to see what God has in store for us. We are excited for you all and we know that your burning desire in your heart is to seek God’s face and to serve him in the mission he has called you into and that truly is helping the Haitian people. Blessings and prayers to you and your family. Tom & Darlene Hughes

  4. Wow….I am shocked and yet not at the same time. Shocked that you are coming home but not because you are following what God is telling you to do, which is just what I would expect from you and Mary. Now, I can’t lie….I am of course happy & excited that my brother & family will be home again. I will keep you all in my prayers because I know all to well how hard it is to follow His will esp when it requires a move but….His will is ALWAYS best even when it pulls at our heart at the time. Just remember “You can do ALL things through Christ Jesus…” Even move when it pulls at the heart. Well, you are all im my prayers and just know I am so proud of ALL of you!!!!!
    Your Sister:)

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