MOH 500 – The Move – Part 3

It happened!  How exciting to finally witness 103 homes being handed over to people in need.

I will post some pics once I receive them from the person that was taking photos.  But in the meantime, check out the link below.  It’s a message from our president, Brad Johnson, about the days events and there are some photos along with it too.


MOH 500 – The Move – Part 2

So, a little disappointed.  The day and time got moved.  It’s now going to happen on Thursday at 10am.

I guess there wasn’t enough time to get the invitations printed and out to all the people who needed to be invited to such an event.

Will keep you posted.

Upcoming Events

There’s a lot of excitement in the air.  Within the next month we have 2 big events happening.

One will be giving out the first 100 homes in LeVeque, this is where the MOH 500 homes project is.  The people to receive the homes have been chosen by a committee of Haitians.  It will be great to see the families receive their home.

The second is almost 300 kids, grades K-5, will start attending school in September in the new school built on our property in Bercy, also known as our North Campus.  How exciting to be giving more kids a Christian education.


It has been a great week here at MOH. The work that is going on here is happening at a God speed and I was glad to here that we hired a new Haitian engineer to lead the construction projects. He is a nice young man named Fils-aimé. I am looking forward to working with him.

The Housing project in LeVeque is going strong. 138 started and close to 100 finished, except the roofs. We have been waiting to get a container out of port with our roofing material and it finally arrived early this week. Time for some roofing!!!!!

The Hospital is getting painted and the windows were ordered this week. May will be a big push to get the paint and floor finished. We finished 6 homes in local villages this week and teams will be painting them in the weeks to come.

MOH Cribs has been so much fun. We are finding random people from the church and some that are complete strangers and painting their houses for them. A common response when we ask if we can paint their house is, why or what do you want in return. When we say we want nothing but that The Church of Hope just wants to be a blessing to them and the community, the look on their faces is priceless. Random acts of kindness opens doors for the love of Christ every time. We will start to plant trees and do minor repairs soon also.

The big push for the last couple of weeks and for the next few is to complete the first floor of the new guest house. It needs to be completed by May 14th!!!! Teams painted 4 of the 6 rooms on the 1st floor this week and the front porch. The electric, plumbing and septic work began also. Oh yeah, the air conditioning went in too!!! NOT!!! Well it has been windy this week. It is going to be a great place for teams to stay and unwind at the end of a long day.

We are beginning the footings for our new 37,000 square foot warehouse this coming week and continuing to push hard to get the guest house ready. The new school rooms in Bercy are ready to be roofed and painted. September will bring some happy kids as the hope of an education becomes a reality. Very exciting!!!

As you can see things are moving fast and there are more things to start soon….

Thanks to all of you who support MOH. Your faithfulness to your part of God’s call to MOH is truly transforming a country….. WE are so blessed to be a part of God’s work here in Haiti….


So Much Done!

Sorry it’s been a while since John or I have posted.  Things have been really busy.

We just had 1 team of 88 people here for 2 weeks, and they worked and worked and worked.  They were able to get so much either finished or helped us get pushed ahead, by a lot, on many projects.  Just on the construction side alone, they helped get an apartment ready for another family that is moving down next week as staff, worked on getting the guest kitchen to be moved to the new kitchen area, poured a cement patio and put a cover for an outdoor eating area, built many picnic tables for the Hope Village kids to eat at, built and put up a wood screen for the Hope Village kids to watch their once a week movie on, helped get a water cistern put together and hooked up in Leveque, got many homes in Leveque started and well on their way to being completed soon, worked on 2 village homes for 2 families desperately in need of a home, helped work on the hospital and…..I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  But, this is just the construction side of things, we had maintenance things worked on, doctors/nurses working in the clinic and doing mobile clinics, people sorting through donated clothing and items for the Hope Village, people painting the church, ladies making address signs for our homes in Leveque and street signs and ladies working in the kitchen to feed all of us.  I may have left some things out, only because there was so much going on, it’s hard to keep track.

With that all being said, take a look at the photos.  I have uploaded many new ones.