Our Journey Continues…..

Mary and I are excited about what we believe is the next step for our family in bringing life transformation to the people of Haiti. We have had the amazing privilege to spend the last 3 years serving At Mission of Hope in Haiti. We have seen so many lives changed both physically and spiritually including our own. Truly God is at work in Haiti!!!!

I love Haiti and will spend the rest of my life serving the people of Haiti, however, I can see that the time has come for us to serve in a different way. Believe me, I have wrestled and prayed over our next step for months.

In mid-August my roll and location will change a little. I will still serve at Mission of Hope alongside our fantastic Haitian and US team but from the US. We will be moving back to the US, to the great state of Michigan where the snowflakes live. I will continue to oversee projects in Haiti and travel 2—3 times a month to Haiti. I will help guide and assist our wonderful Haitian construction staff to keep pace with all that God is doing at Mission of Hope. I will also, while in the US, coordinate our shipping and procurement of building products and other resources that are either hard to get in Haiti or too expensive. In addition, I will come along side our development team to help connect what God is miraculously doing in Haiti with churches, individuals and businesses who want to help but are unsure of where or how to best do that. Specifically I will help to connect people with the continuing need for housing in the community of Leveque. There are still close to 200 families that we are committed to move out of blue tents to block homes. I can’t wait to see the last blue tent torn down!!!!

I can’t lie, inside I don’t want to leave Haiti. But hard as it is, I have to follow God’s direction. The more I let this idea settle into my heart and mind the more I see how it will benefit our family, Mission of Hope and ultimately Haiti.

I need to say thanks to all of you who have stood by us both financially and with prayer support. We could not do it without you nor will we be able to continue without you. Like any other US based missionaries we will still need to raise support to continue working in Haiti. The only thing that will change is our housing arrangements and my amount of time spent traveling. My prayer is that you will continue to stand with us in whatever capacity you can so we can all continue to see the nation of Haiti changed for Christ…..Amazing things happen when God’s people work together to see the gospel spread.

Thanks for all the prayers and support as we make plans and work out the details.



It has been a great week here at MOH. The work that is going on here is happening at a God speed and I was glad to here that we hired a new Haitian engineer to lead the construction projects. He is a nice young man named Fils-aimé. I am looking forward to working with him.

The Housing project in LeVeque is going strong. 138 started and close to 100 finished, except the roofs. We have been waiting to get a container out of port with our roofing material and it finally arrived early this week. Time for some roofing!!!!!

The Hospital is getting painted and the windows were ordered this week. May will be a big push to get the paint and floor finished. We finished 6 homes in local villages this week and teams will be painting them in the weeks to come.

MOH Cribs has been so much fun. We are finding random people from the church and some that are complete strangers and painting their houses for them. A common response when we ask if we can paint their house is, why or what do you want in return. When we say we want nothing but that The Church of Hope just wants to be a blessing to them and the community, the look on their faces is priceless. Random acts of kindness opens doors for the love of Christ every time. We will start to plant trees and do minor repairs soon also.

The big push for the last couple of weeks and for the next few is to complete the first floor of the new guest house. It needs to be completed by May 14th!!!! Teams painted 4 of the 6 rooms on the 1st floor this week and the front porch. The electric, plumbing and septic work began also. Oh yeah, the air conditioning went in too!!! NOT!!! Well it has been windy this week. It is going to be a great place for teams to stay and unwind at the end of a long day.

We are beginning the footings for our new 37,000 square foot warehouse this coming week and continuing to push hard to get the guest house ready. The new school rooms in Bercy are ready to be roofed and painted. September will bring some happy kids as the hope of an education becomes a reality. Very exciting!!!

As you can see things are moving fast and there are more things to start soon….

Thanks to all of you who support MOH. Your faithfulness to your part of God’s call to MOH is truly transforming a country….. WE are so blessed to be a part of God’s work here in Haiti….



This is a picture of the family’s house I was talking about  in my last post. The are so excited to be getting a new start, a place that will offer some security. It should be completed by the end of the week and they will be able to move in. The tarps you see in the back ground is their home now.

Big thanks to all of you who have made it possible for our family to be apart of touching this family for Christ..

It is a team of people who have made this kind of ministry possible.

Bartony thanks you!!!!!!


Last night for the first time in Haiti I found myself afraid. I wasnt afraid for my family or the mission but for all those who call a few tree limbs and a few ragged blue tarps home.Last night the rain and lightning was merciless. The main part of the storm passed but the rain that hovered over Haiti last night is sure to cause problems.. We will go out this morning and assess the damages and see if there is any way for MOH to help…

Yesterday morning  i  was invited into a family’s home. Is sits on top of a hill with a wonderful view. The problem is, it’s only about 8’x8′ and is made out of small tree limbs that support a collage of blue tarps and sheets. It was swaying and shaking in the wind and almost everything inside was damp including the family of 5 that calls it home.  Bartony is his name and he has a wife and three children. He is faithful to God and a hard worker. I was truly blown away as i looked into his eyes and saw the concern and fear he had for his family. It was almost a silent cry.I have seen it before but to put a face and a name to the problem is altogether different. We are building him a home but unfortunately it was not done yet. 

My commitment to help to build as many permanent homes for earthquake victims has been strengthened over the last couple days. These precious people need our help and they need it now.

If you would like to help in some way contact us.

Long Time

I find my self apologizing, once again for not keeping you all up to date as I should. I assure you it is not because there is nothing to tell. It has simply been an unbelievable couple of months. I have been in Haiti for the last 12 days Working away at the many projects that are going at the Mission. The work never ends!!!  We could go 24 hours a day and still not get it done. 4 homes are complete, the Village is almost ready to move the Hope House children in, we have started a new school building, finishing up the new computer/biology lab at the school, completed the gym and are breaking ground this week on our new guest house, not to mention getting things in order to start our 500 home project…

Mary has been such a help with the construction end of things and has done a great job getting the boys back to school and settled into our new life. When I am traveling she watches the jobs, keeps the crews in order and helps with the paper work end of things all while keeping the boys in some sort of routine… She is an amazing lady and I am a lucky man.

The boys are doing great.  They have became the greeters of the teams. They love all the new faces and the constant movement. School is going well and they are doing great. The van der Marks get back this week with their 5 kids so the boys will have some new friends and classmates to hang out with.

Our dog (rottweiler) Sophie arrived last week and also is settling  in fine. The whole family is finally here and it’s starting to feel like home.

We had 20 pastors from the Michigan area here last week and had an awesome time.

I will try to put some picks up soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and financial support…

Off we go!!!!!

Wow !!!!!! Three days and counting. We have had a very busy couple of weeks but the time is finally on us to make a move. I have 12 of the 32 bags that will carry our “Must Have” items to our new home. The remainder of our stuff will come on a slow boat, as we have come to label it. When I come back on the 4th i’ll pack the rest of our stuff in a container that should leave around the 10th for Haiti. That container will also contain the first 20 roofs for the homes MOH is building.

I am so glad that our church has a team going this week to help with the move. Three months would be a long time to wait for some of these items!! All the extra bags from the team sure helps make the move easier. It is almost like God has a plan or something.

We had a great turn out at our moving sale last week. We raised about $ 2700.00 to help with the move and also got rid of a lot of items that we would have had to store if they hadn’t sold. Thanks to all that helped set up and all who bought things. Only a  few big items left to sell like our house, truck, and some larger house hold items.

We leave Friday for Haiti with 11 people from the church so please be praying. For many its their first trip so be praying that God really touches their heart and fills them with His compassion. I remember my first trip and it was the beginning of what we are doing today and changed my whole out look on life. I was never the same!!!!

The boys seem really excited about going. They have been great trough this whole process. I am so proud of them!!! They are a little upset I can’t fit the Xbox 360 in a suit case though, I guess the Wii and play station will have to be enough. They met Their teacher last week-end in Niagara Falls, Canada. They really liked her and are ready to start school, soon. Ok not real soon!!! It will be a big adjustment for them but they are great kids and they will do good.

I am also excited that Marys mom, Nancy Sinay decided, at the last-minute , to come down and help us get settled in. It is her first time to Haiti. She will stay for 2 weeks and come back on the 4th with me. Maybe!!!!!!

Thanks for the prayers!!!!!