Special Day

Today is a very special day for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that it is Noah’s 12th birthday.  He has been excited for this day for over a month now, and has been counting it down.  We will be heading in to Port-au-Prince to do some special things and get some ice cream!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!

The second reason today is special is, it was 1 year ago today that our bags were packed, we boarded our flights and arrived in Haiti to serve with Mission of Hope, Haiti.  It was so exciting to begin a new journey with our family.  I had so many emotions that day, excitement, sadness, nervousness, just to name a few.  Excited for what was beginning for us, sad to leave family and friends, and nervous about the unknown.

So much has happened in this past year.  Many buildings have been built, 175 homes for people whose homes were damaged in the earthquake or never had a home, a building to house teams that come down to serve with us, a new office addition for our ever-growing Haitian staff,  8 school rooms that will school over 300 children this fall, a depot for all the sports equipment donated for the orphans to play in the gym, a new 3 Cords building where many amputee ladies work, a new 37,000 square foot warehouse so we can expand our feeding program, a hospital that will be open 24 hours that will open in the Spring.  I hope I’m not forgetting anything.

We are doing well here, and are now moving into our second year of serving.  Many of you may or may not know that in order to serve the people of Haiti, we have to raise our own funds.  While much has been done over the last year, there is still much to do.  In order to keep serving, we need to raise our second year budget.  Would you consider being a monthly partner along with all the other faithful partners we already have?  Together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people.  To become a partner, click the ‘Donate’ link on our page.


MOH 500 – The Move – Part 3

It happened!  How exciting to finally witness 103 homes being handed over to people in need.

I will post some pics once I receive them from the person that was taking photos.  But in the meantime, check out the link below.  It’s a message from our president, Brad Johnson, about the days events and there are some photos along with it too.


Upcoming Events

There’s a lot of excitement in the air.  Within the next month we have 2 big events happening.

One will be giving out the first 100 homes in LeVeque, this is where the MOH 500 homes project is.  The people to receive the homes have been chosen by a committee of Haitians.  It will be great to see the families receive their home.

The second is almost 300 kids, grades K-5, will start attending school in September in the new school built on our property in Bercy, also known as our North Campus.  How exciting to be giving more kids a Christian education.


Things have been great here at MOH.  We have been keeping extremely busy.

We are in the midst of having 100-150 people here each week serving along with us.  Our big outreach going on right now is our VBS, this will continue for 8 weeks.  We have 200-300 different children each week, from different villages, coming to learn about Jesus and be loved on.

John has so many construction projects going on, I think I’ve lost count!  Let’s just say, he keeps busy.

I have settled into my position as part of the Group Coordination Team and enjoying it.

The kids are doing great!  They finished their main school subjects up in mid-June, but we have been doing US History and are almost done.  We will finish up this Friday!  They have been enjoying going out rat hunting, not that they’ve killed anything yet, or I don’t think they’ve even seen any during the hunt.  They have been making bows & arrows out of sticks to hunt with.  They also really enjoyed having the scorpion that they caught in our house for a few days.

It has been great seeing so many familiar faces over the past months!  You all know who you are.  And great getting to know all the new faces!  You all know who you are.

For any that didn’t know….we have moved to our new apartment.  We didn’t have to go far, we just moved below where we were.  Still getting settled in, but we will get there soon.

Please pray for our house to sell very soon!  We recently changed realtors, which has helped, but we really need it to sell soon!

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and support!

Our Visit Home (Our Michigan Home)

Home, we now have 2 homes.  One in Haiti, where we actually live and work and the other is in Michigan, but this is the place where we were born and grew up and have lots of family and friends.  Noah one day was confused, we were talking about ‘home’ and he asked ‘Are you talking about our home here or in Haiti?  We need to figure out what to call each one.’  Although we still haven’t figured out a name for each home, they are both very different, but both ‘home’.

The flights back to Michigan were very crazy.  The flight into Miami was like a roller coaster, the nose of the plane was going every direction just before landing.  The flight into Detroit was very turbulent.  We went through a big line of storms and had to climb 4,000 feet higher than what we were supposed too, we were still in turbulence.  I do NOT like turbulence, so I had a good hold on the arms of my chair.

My visit started out really well until later in the day the 1st day we were here.  My mom ended up in the hospital.  She had several infections going on and what the medical people are calling the ‘superbug’.  She came home after 2 days in the hospital with a picc line so that nurses could come to her house to give her the medication.  My mom got home and the next day I started to get a sore throat.  So in order to visit with her, I had to wear a mask, so I didn’t give her something else.  She cannot leave the house while the picc line is in, which won’t be removed until after we leave.  A big disappointment that we won’t be able to shop together while I’m here, but glad she seems to be doing better.

It has been very different being back in Michigan.  Not just because of the weather or the scenery, but because of the many things that just become natural when living a totally different life style.  What I mean by that is: getting a drink out of the tap, in Haiti you only drink water out of a Culligan bottle;  I am finding myself walking through the house when I get up in the morning, turning all the lights and/or fans off, in Haiti I do this because throughout the day we run on batteries and I don’t want to use up all the battery life on things we don’t need running;  I have to drive very conscience about stop signs, lights and other traffic rules, in Haiti there aren’t many stop signs or lights, I found myself almost passing a person on the left today as they were turning left, this is common in Haiti, when you are turning you have to watch for the traffic behind to pass on any side;  When I am on facebook, I still continue to pass over any videos or anything that streams or has to be downloaded, in Haiti we can’t view any of these things, our internet is very limited.  Those are just a few of the differences that I continue to find myself shocked that I have learned a new way in such a short time.  The craziest thing was, I could only think of the Creole word for grapefruit (chadèk), it took me a minute to think of the English word.

It has been great to see many friends and family.  Noah and Caleb have enjoyed getting to see some of their friends too.

By the way, I have uploaded many new photos to our albums, so be sure to check them out.