Things have been great here at MOH.  We have been keeping extremely busy.

We are in the midst of having 100-150 people here each week serving along with us.  Our big outreach going on right now is our VBS, this will continue for 8 weeks.  We have 200-300 different children each week, from different villages, coming to learn about Jesus and be loved on.

John has so many construction projects going on, I think I’ve lost count!  Let’s just say, he keeps busy.

I have settled into my position as part of the Group Coordination Team and enjoying it.

The kids are doing great!  They finished their main school subjects up in mid-June, but we have been doing US History and are almost done.  We will finish up this Friday!  They have been enjoying going out rat hunting, not that they’ve killed anything yet, or I don’t think they’ve even seen any during the hunt.  They have been making bows & arrows out of sticks to hunt with.  They also really enjoyed having the scorpion that they caught in our house for a few days.

It has been great seeing so many familiar faces over the past months!  You all know who you are.  And great getting to know all the new faces!  You all know who you are.

For any that didn’t know….we have moved to our new apartment.  We didn’t have to go far, we just moved below where we were.  Still getting settled in, but we will get there soon.

Please pray for our house to sell very soon!  We recently changed realtors, which has helped, but we really need it to sell soon!

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and support!



This is a picture of the family’s house I was talking about  in my last post. The are so excited to be getting a new start, a place that will offer some security. It should be completed by the end of the week and they will be able to move in. The tarps you see in the back ground is their home now.

Big thanks to all of you who have made it possible for our family to be apart of touching this family for Christ..

It is a team of people who have made this kind of ministry possible.

Bartony thanks you!!!!!!


Last night for the first time in Haiti I found myself afraid. I wasnt afraid for my family or the mission but for all those who call a few tree limbs and a few ragged blue tarps home.Last night the rain and lightning was merciless. The main part of the storm passed but the rain that hovered over Haiti last night is sure to cause problems.. We will go out this morning and assess the damages and see if there is any way for MOH to help…

Yesterday morning  i  was invited into a family’s home. Is sits on top of a hill with a wonderful view. The problem is, it’s only about 8’x8′ and is made out of small tree limbs that support a collage of blue tarps and sheets. It was swaying and shaking in the wind and almost everything inside was damp including the family of 5 that calls it home.  Bartony is his name and he has a wife and three children. He is faithful to God and a hard worker. I was truly blown away as i looked into his eyes and saw the concern and fear he had for his family. It was almost a silent cry.I have seen it before but to put a face and a name to the problem is altogether different. We are building him a home but unfortunately it was not done yet. 

My commitment to help to build as many permanent homes for earthquake victims has been strengthened over the last couple days. These precious people need our help and they need it now.

If you would like to help in some way contact us.